Investment Criteria

One Eighty Capital (OEC) has the flexibility to invest in companies at numerous stages of growth, from the idea-phase to companies with revenues up to $100M. 

up to $50M

Startup/Early Stage

OEC provides capital and management support to entrepreneurs who have experience in a field where they want to start their own business.

We work with startup and early stage businesses to:

  • Develop and pressure test the business model
  • Create and develop a strategic plan
  • Develop compensation packages to recruit key team members
  • Build out accounting, payroll and IT system infrastructure
  • Provide capital to build out and execute the business plan

from $50 - $100M

Mid/Late Stage

OEC acquires controlling interests in companies where our skillset can help transform an existing business.

We professionalize companies by developing:

  • Robust operating infrastructures
  • Strong management teams
  • Differentiated and defensible strategic positions

We are creative and flexible in developing deal structures that satisfy all stakeholders, align investor risk profiles, and reward deal sources.


Target Deal Size

Our team works with companies to achieve their full potential, and our track record has included many successful start-ups, turnarounds, and mid/late stage businesses.

$5 – $100M

enterprise value

$0 – $10M